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Lex & Terry

Lex & Terry

Lex & Terry

About Lex & Terry

LEX & TERRY – The patriarchs of the show, both guys have extensive on air experience that they bring to the table along with having assembled an engaging cast for the show.  Lex comes from a strong radio management and programming background, so he gets it from the inside out. He is the “go to” for affiliates for any programming integration between the station and The Lex & Terry Show. Terry, a successful radio personality, former actor, stand-up comedian is the major creative contributor to the show structure, even though it is run on a think tank basis. The show has always manifested organic content consistently and we consider a great day to not have to go to a planned bit rarely. They work together closely, share in all decisions for the show and take pride that their successful partnership and friendship has lasted over two decades. This dynamic duo and their team always generate impressive ratings for their affiliates AND also is a home run for your sales team. True!

DEE – The show’s producer, Dee, is Lex & Terry’s prodigal son who has been a major part of the on air team for 12 years now. Being a decade younger than Lex & Terry allows him to bring a different generational perspective to the program. Quick on his feet, a tireless grabber of engaging conversation pieces, the voice of reason and his levity makes him the glue of this ensemble.

SARAH - This lady is baaaaack! Bringing a ton of broadcast experience as well as being the show hot-tay, Millennial and sometimes show mama, Sarah adds that special sauce to the show and keeps the guys on their toes. She is a content queen and listeners looooove her for good reason!