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Once again Billy Joel is putting his money where his mouth is, having announced his Billy Joel Foundation is helping in getting meals to his fellow Long Islanders during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Billy announced his foundation will once again join forces with the Harry Chapin Long Island Cares organization to offer assistance to the Long Island community..

Billy and wife Alexis issued a statement that reads in part:

Due to the pandemic, there is an increase in need for nutritious food and a lack of volunteers. Given the risks associated with the virus, many food pantries are dealing with the loss of staff. Unfortunately this coincides with and increased need for food. After hearing about this situation, we purchase freezer unites and additional equipment that are being installed in their Hampton Bays facility

The new equipment will service the entire East End and will now allow for transport of perishables and frozen goods to the East End pantries and soup kitchens. We are hopeful this will aid the current shortage and the limited availability families are currently experiencing.

Billy Joel explained that it was written in the cards that barring a two year jaunt in L.A., playing in a piano bar — Long Island was his natural habitat: ["My perspective of things all come from a Long Island point of view. I've realized that. I've traveled all over the world, I've traveled a lot in the United States — I wasn't really sure where I was gonna end up — but the more I traveled, the more I felt this is where I'm from. I'm from this island that sticks out to the East of New York City. There really isn't a lot of other places like Long Island. Sure, there's a little bit of it in Jersey, a little bit of it in New England — a little bit of it. But Long Island is an Island. We're isolated from everything else. We're with each other — we all rub off on each other (laughs) for better or for worse, and that's what makes us Long Islanders."] SOUNDCUE (:34 OC: . . . us Long Islanders)

Billy Joel's next concert is set for June 6th at New York's Madison Square Garden.

Billy Joel On Long Island :